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To be published in Barpro Storage SA news letter - Sep 2015

In addition to our previously mentioned rain water harvesting initiative for the freezer store rooms at Southern Cold Storage we will be installing a de-humidification system in the air lock chamber leading into the freezer to remove moisture from the air before it enters.


The benefits for a system like this include:


  1. Reduced ice formation in the cold room on the evaporators, mobile rack, floors, doors etc.

  2. Reduced defrost times leading to less energy costs and a more efficient running system.

  3. Reduction of load on the refrigeration system as it no longer draws the moisture of the air and freezes it. 


The primary motivator for installing this de-humidification system into the freezer storage rooms is to ensure that the mobile racking system is not compromised by ice growth in the wheels and motors but we believe that the energy benefits will also be highly positive and the reduction in ice formation on the blowers will be hugely beneficial to the practical operation and system reliability. 


For more information please contact us and we will be more than happy to explain further and consider the option of retrofitting a de-humidification system into your existing freezer store rooms to improve the operation. 

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