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Remote monitoring of cold room infastructure

Feb 2016

Many cold store owners who store sensitive high value products opt for remote monitoring of their refrigeration plant.  These monitoring systems can typically send SMS and EMAIL notifications in the event of an alarm condition being present.  Alarm conditions can be anything from temperature to plant failure (example: oil pressure drop, compressor trip, fan trip etc.). 


These systems can send daily reports to the maintenance contractors as well as the client feeding back on the current health of the plant and cold room while constantly monitoring the plant to send alarm notifications instantly in the event of a component failure.  


These systems can be logged into remotely to go through and analyse all plant parameters in fine detail which helps technicians find faults long before they can materialise into anything serious allowing them to go through the system thoroughly before sending a team out to carry out maintenance.  


As technology moves forward the good refrigeration contractors will constantly look for ways to use remote monitoring to improve reliability, plant efficiency, save money and streamline the entire experience for all parties.  


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