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Typical applications for water chillers

Apr 2016

We supply many water chillers to the various plating industries including Galvanising, Cadmium, Zinc etc. 


Each chiller is designed with the process in mind after we have come to see our client’s operation to determine what they require.  We endeavour at all times to assist our clients with the tie in process when the application gets complicated and offer far more than just a simple chiller supply role.  


We do however make sure that all connections to and from our chillers are common and easy for a skilled plumber to step in and run the pipes without any surprises making our units extremely user friendly and practical.


Other industries that have purchased many of our chillers include:


  • Printing operations

  • Fruit pulp processing

  • HVAC cooling systems

  • Machine cooling

  • Plastic extrusion systems

  • Moulding businesses  


If you need any assistance or advice in this field, please feel free to contact us and one of our experts will be able to provide the correct advice.


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