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A few Retrofit options to improve efficiency of your existing plant: Part 1

June 2020

Every installation has its opportunities for improvement and some start in a better position that others but this series of articles will give a few approaches to improve efficiency of existing plant...


Approach 1: Lower condensing pressure on your system

Lower condensing pressure mean less work required of your compressor to move gas, better compressor C.O.P. (conversion of electricity to cooling) and improved plant longevity. 

Ways to achieve this include, adding a water cooling system to supplement your existing air cooled condenser, use of VSDs to run compressors slower and adiabatic fin packs to precool air before entering air cooled condensers. 


An assessment of your plant will be required to see how effective any of these approaches will be by measuring condensing pressures to determine how much improvement is possible with the approaches above.   


Please contact Lutz Refrigeration for assistance. 

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