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About Us

Who we are

We are the oldest refrigeration contractor in South Africa, established in 1948. Staying true to our roots as refrigeration specialists we have provided specialist advice and unique tailored solutions to some of industries most complex needs. We don't simply sell refrigeration products, we offer solutions tailored to our clients’ needs providing a variety of different services and products. Please contact us or request a response from one of our specialists so that we can offer the specific advice to ensure that the most appropriate solution is obtained.


What makes us different

We manufacture the majority of the equipment we install ourselfs. This is due to our unwavering insistence in quality and our commitment to installing only the best equipment. In this way we carry out fewer projects but ensure that our systems are up to our own high standards. There is no limit to what we can produce and how we can tailor it to suit your process requirement.  


We supply full specification documents when we quote showing exactly what we are offering and we always encourage our clients to use this specification as their design going forward.  In this way we believe that we raise the bar for the whole industry.


Our history

In 1937 a young Karl Georg Lutz came to South Africa from Deutz Diesel Koln to install a power generation plant for the electrification of Volksrust.  The second world war broke out and he along with many other Germans and Italians were interned for what they thought was to be a short war. Seven years later they emerged to carry on with their lives.  During his internment K.G.Lutz studied refrigeration and in 1948 he started out in business with J.Toxopeus and his vast nursery operations as his first client.  The Toxopeus family remained a happy client of Lutz Refrigeration through the generations and eventually into the 21st century more than 50 years later.  


Our mission

The original principles of integrity, service and quality have become the foundation of the company as we continue to blaze a trail with innovative and efficient designs. 


Staying on the forefront of technology

We strive to remain at the forefron of technology at all times by

maintaining memberships, and contributing to local standards authorities

and industry organisations.

Transport truck with refrigeration multiplex
Cold storage, freezer rooms
Cold storage, freezer rooms

Our Team

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