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We provide full turnkey solutions for our clients providing everything from the insulative structures to the refrigeration plant as well as various process cooling requirements. Systems and industries that we have catered for include the following:


  • Fresh produce storage / cooling / processing.

  • Product cooling and storage from blood banks / pathology labs / pharmaceuticals and long term seed storage.

  • Process cooling from fruit and food to anodisiong and plating processes. 

  • Humidification and dehumidification plants.

  • Cooling plant for freeze drying system. 

  • Shop front and in shop refrigeration.

  • Centralised chilled water plant for HVAC installations, option to reject heat to water.

  • Full turn-key cold room installations including refrigeration plant and insulative structures.

  • We also provide all inclusive cold room and freezer room kits to contractors where we provide expert insight into the design. 


In short there is virtually no aspect of refrigeration that we have not been involved with in our 67 years of operation. We have executed works for virtually every sector of industry in South Africa and various other countries in Africa and abroad with a few highly specialised designs to our credit.  Our past and present client list includes some of the most well known enterprises in the country. We pride ourselves on our extensive experience in the industry and look forward to providing guidance and insight into your cooling needs.  Let our experience work for you.

|  Consulting Services  |

|  Energy Efficiency  |

Collectively our engineers have 70 years of refrigeration and mechanical system design experience ranging from hands on project implementation through to very high level design and planning work.  What sets us apart is that we have good cross linking between the highly theoretical world of consulting and the more practical reality of contracting.  We have consulted to the following industries: Mining, food processing, food storage, metal plating, dairy processing (Ice banks, pasteurisation, chilling etc.), blood freezing and storage, pharmaceutical storage, ice cream making, freeze drying and dehumidification.


Our consulting engineers provide services to the industrial refrigeration industry including:


  • Due diligence reports

  • High level system design and costings 

  • Detailed engineering specifications

  • Refrigeration technology development

  • System efficiency surveys to look for energy saving opportunities

  • System reliability surveys

  • Quality inspections and reporting

We offer extremely efficient systems and take a genuin pride in being on the cutting edge of technology and green systems. We achieve this by constantly innovating and installing only the best quality components. Some of the things we offer include:



  • Multipex systems

  • VSD drive optimisation

  • Evaporative cooling towers

  • Load shifting controllers

  • Electronicaly controlled valves and drives

  • Rain water harvesting

  • Power factor correction systems

  • PLC System optimisation


For more information on any of the above please contact us.

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