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Large Pharmaceutical Distribution Centre

Facility Facade Imperial.jpg
Refrigeration Plant Rooms .jpg

Project description


- Total of 3000 square metres of cold rooms at 15m high.

- Cold Rooms holding high value pharmaceutical goods .

- Extreme redundancy on all product holding rooms with a minimum of 2 systems where each system can handle the room alone. 

- Remote monitoring of room temperatures at approximatelly 50 different points around the rooms. 

- total cooling capacity installed of roughly 550 kW 

- 2 x large cold room with airlocks cooled between 2°C and 8°C at all times. 

- 1 x Gel pack blast freezer to freeze and precondition gel packs for transport of goods. 

- All compressor plant located in a plant room with hot air being ducted out of building facade to keep building aesthetics good. 

This project was commissioned between 2017 and 2018 in Centurion Gauteng in 2 Phases while keeping the business operational , demoishing old equipment to be replaced with new.  Some of the old cold room plant was refurbished to "as new" and installed wherever possible to save money.  

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