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Douglasdale Dairy Blast Chiller


Project description


- 2 Stand alone simplex Freon units for full redundancy on both rooms.

- recieving 120 t / day of product (Inkhomasi and milk) to be blast chilled to 2°C.

- Blast chill dairy products before transportation.

- Drop temperature feature to chill pasteurised milk faster during night times.

- Remote control panel within room including economiser mode and drop temperature.

- Vertical discharge condensers for better plant performance and compact design.


This blast chiller increases milk production capacity at Douglasdale dairy significantly.  The project was carefully planned to be commissioned in line with the new bottling plant to kick off in parrelel.


The biggest challenge with any Blast Chiller like this will be drawing the temperature out of the product in a short period of time.  We ensure this by generously sizing the evaporators to encourage large airflow and also by dropping the room temperature during the night to speed up the chilling process.

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