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Southern Cold Storage - Freezer Storage Facilities 

Multiplex system

Project description


- 25 000 Cubic Meter freezer room.

- Commission date December 2015.

- Multiplex Freon refrigeration system.

- 250 kW of cooling in a -25°C freezer room. 

- Evaporative cooling tower reducing electricty bill by around 35%.

- Dehumidification on air lock room.

- Full SCADA computer system control for logging and intelligent control.

- Rain water harvesting to supply evaporative cooling tower.

- Air lock room (1000 Cubic Metre) cooled by main room to 8°C with air recirculation.

- Electric defrost function to prevent icing up of the evaporators.


This freezer store will be used as a large rental facility for customers looking to store frozen goods.  A room like this uses an extremely large amount of electricity. That is why this system came with various energy saving options.  We managed to reduce energy consumption by roughly 35% by utilising evaporative cooling and an intelligent multiplex system.  In addition to this, the plant will have load shift controllers to prevent plant operation during peak tariff times.


Finally the rain water harvesting system makes use of the large roof on the facility to collect and store rain water for use in the cooling tower, reducing the systems dependance and consumption of water.  


Feel free to Contact Us or browse the  Southern Cold Storage website for more info. 

Water cooled refrigeration plant
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