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We manufacture and sell a host of different industrial water chillers.


Originally we sold only our own locally manufactured coil in tank water chillers which offer the most robust and reliable water chilling solution for your process needs.  These chillers have the added benefit of being able to chill water down to 0° and glycol as low as -8°C without stressing the machines.  


In recent years we have started supplying imported water and glycol chillers too, as these offer a much more cost effective option for certain applications. These units come with various energy saving options such as Variable Speed Driven (VSD) compressors and evaporative cooling to reduce energy consumption. Our water cooled chillers can easilly be adapted to work as a heat pump at the same time to provide heating to your operation without incurring any additional energy costs.  


Our engineers carefully evaluate every clients needs to ensure that the correct chiller is supplied.  If you would like a price or some advise on your existing or planned chilling systems please dont hesiate. Contact us

and we will ensure that your needs are carefully evaluated to give you the right advise.



We can supply the following imported brands as well

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