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Why it makes financial sense to use a refrigeration consultant

June 2016

The vast majority of industrial refrigeration projects carried out in South Africa and Africa are managed through the design phase to tender and adjudication by the client himself. Once the job is awarded the contractor who won the job is then left with the onus to make sure the system is of a top standard and designed correctly to suit the process needs. 


This practice is a risky and can often lead to inferior installations with no proper quality standard being set to quote according to and no competent person on the side of the client monitoring the installation as it progresses to make sure that there are no hidden faults or oversights. 


We offer a service whereby we draw up proper system specifications for our clients to put out to tender. These documents cover all the details from major equipment selection down to electrical system requirements and the finishing up of the job with insulation, painting etc. This ensures that the refrigeration systems have all the adequate capacities, safety measures, quality standards and certification to ensure that our clients receive systems that will operate far more reliably and efficiently over the years.


By providing these services to our clients we believe that we are pulling the standard of the whole industry up to hopefully improve the reputation of the industry generally.  Putting this effort in during the project planning phase will save time and money during the construction and operations phases.

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