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Fireproof cold room panels

October 2016

Recently a flurry of enquiries has come across our desks looking for fireproofing of cold rooms.  


There are various options to go with to achieve this, ranging from traditional rockwool panels to the more recent Polyphen type which behave more like polystyrene during manufacture.  Each material is rated to last for a specific duration in a fire scenario with typical ranges being between 1 hour and 2 hours. 














To prevent fire from migrating from a cold room to an adjacent area the method that has the best results is a traditional bricks and mortar wall.  


Other options for fire suppression would be include sprinkler systems which current regulations actually call for from a height of about 4 pallets and upwards (roughly 6 metres) upwards.  Depending on the volatility of product being stored the sprinkler system needs to be specifically designed to cope with that.


We are more than happy to discuss this further with you if you are currently trying to decide which material / fire suppression system to go with, we can supply full turnkey cold storage facilities including fire suppression systems. 


Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further.  

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