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Refrigeration techniques for seed potatoe storage

Mar 2017

Over the years Lutz Refrigeration has built many Seed Potato Storage Cold Rooms.  

In 1983 for DSU Cillier & Sons on the farm OLIEIVIER in Douglas we built their 1st

4000 Cu M store. This was followed by more massive stores at DEBRUG Farm in HOPETOWN for potatoes and their now massive “TRYME” Carrot operation. Since then we have designed and built many stores around the country for clients such as SIS Farms, and WESGROW.


The technology required to hold seed potatoes dormant for periods of up to 9 months between seasons requires both temperature and humidity control with attention to initial periderm formation and slow pulldown for optimum quality preservation. False ceiling air distribution was used to accomplish even cooling and prevent hotspots. Regulated air extraction for removal of deleterious gasses and attention to OPTIMAL power consumption is also an important facet of the design.


Besides Potatoes, we have been involved in the design and supply of cold stores for a variety of products from Flowers ( of all types ), English Cucumbers, Citrus, Sweet Potatoes, Grain and Maize seed storage Abattoirs, and many many other products.


We offer a FREE IN HOUSE CONSULTING service to all our clients with respect to the design and supply and maintenance of whatever cooling and storage requirement you may have. 


Client list

MULTIFLORA – Cold stores at City Deep – Johannesburg

SA BLOOD TRANSFUSION SEVICES – Head Offices and laboratories – Constantia Kloof

ATLAS AIRCRAFT FACTORY – Cooling of Propionic Acid baths – Bonaero Park

ANODISING AND PLATING WORKS- Edenvale Electroplating Works

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