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Food product - Spiral blast freezer

spiral freezer johannesburg

Project description


- Mechanical piping installation of gas and oil lines.

- 2 Stand alone Multiplex systems.

- Each Multiplex has 2 x 140hp Bitzer Screw compressors.

- Freon R404 gas. 

- Full PLC Scada control, Alan Bradley type.

- Blast freezing of 4000kg of pizza bases on a spiral freezer every 30 minutes.

- Room temperature -25°C

- Evapco water cooled condenser towers. 

- Cooling capacity above 500kW in a -25°C room. 

- Commissioned October 2017


We assisted our client here by  installing all pipes and lagging for this system in a multidisciplinary team effort.  This is Rich food products largest blast freezer to date. 

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spiral freezer johannesburg
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