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Dischem  Midrand  Warehouse Cold Storage Rooms


Project description


- Full turnkey contract.

- Rolled out in two phases (Room 1 and Room 2).

- 2 Stand alone simplex units per room for full redundancy on both rooms.

- Rooms located within state of the art store. 

- Air curtain to prevent leakage when doors open while maintaining perfect hygene.

- remote control boards for both rooms. 

- SMS and Email alarm system to alert if temperatures go out of range (by Cold Cloud).

- Condensers located inside factory and ducted outside for architectural compliance.


These two cold rooms are one of many pharmeceutical installations we have credited to our name.  Typically pharmeceutical product cold storage requires the strictest temperature control and cold chain recording and reporting to ensure cold chain integrity. This plant is no different with full standby systems to ensure no product losses can be incurred.  

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