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Seed Potatoe pull down and long term Storage

Freon refrigeration system
Refrigeration plant

Project description


- Full turn key 6000 Cubic Meter cold room and refrigeration plant supply.

- 2 Stand alone simplex Freon refrigeration units for full redundancy on cold room.

- Six such room supplied to client to date. 

- Receiving freshly harvest seed potatoes to be stored for the following years harvest season.

- Plant operates at high load to pull down potato temperature within days. 

- Then plant "unloads" to increase humidity while maintaining low room temperature. 

- Room fitted with automated extract fans to purge fresh produce Ethylene and CO2 gas build up      periodically.

- Forced ambient defrost function to prevent icing up without adding significant energy and      

  capital costs.

- The latest generation rooms come with false cielings for better air distribution, an old

   practice that was forgotten but still holds good value. 


These rooms cannot afford any downtime, potentially leading to premature seed sprouting and as such these cold rooms come with early warning alarms and full standby capacity so that we can ensure the potatoes remain in hibernation until planting season.  

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