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Seychelles fisheries - Fish storage and processing facility

Simplex units built into custom frame, 2 hermetic and one semi hermetic compressors. Two off freezers and one chiller.
Units and piping all built to go into one container.

Project description


- Commissioned May 2016

- Full turnkey contract.

- Total of 6 areas including blast freezers, drop temp processing rooms and chillers.

- 4 Standalone simplex units manufactured in South Africa, shipped with all piping valves

  evaporators etc for a complete working installation.

- Insulated panels and all smalls supplied ex South Africa for complete structure.

-Remote control boards for all rooms rooms. 

- Lighting supplied from South Africa. 

- Factory wiring included. 


This fish processing facility was built to grow the fisherman’s ability to process and supply Tuna to the massive and growing Japanese and European sushi markets.  This facility was built to a full Euro Standard to qualify for supply to these markets. 

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