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Springs Market- Banana Ripening Rooms

Water chillers and piping
Ripeing rooms

Project description


- Lutz installed full cooling and ripening systems including Ethylene gas injection, extract air and controls there of.

- 2 x water chillers ~ 110 kW Each, chilled water cooling approach to reduce product drying and increase energy efficiency. 

- Stainless steel cooling water coils for longer life span.

- Air curtains to direct air through pallets in centre of room correctly. 

- Full remote Plant monitoring  computer system.

- Email alarm system to alert if any alarm states occur (trips, temperature faults etc). 

- Ethylene gas injected from bottles into rooms via pipes lines and solenoids with full monitoring and alarms for refill and bottle changeover. 

- CO2 gas extraction system to remove harmful gasses.  


For a more in depth description and technical details refer cold link article on this project below.


COLD LINK MAGAZINE ARTICLE HERE                                                                   Contact us 

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