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Vegetable blast chilling cold rooms

Vegetables being chilled before packaging
Image of cold storage on a commercial farm

Project description


- Commissioned Feb 2107.

- Full turnkey contract for insulated structure and refrigeration system supply.

- Mole racking system to maximise palet density in cold room.

- Cooling of potatoes for short term to long storage before sale down to 2°C.

- False ceiling for even air distribution.

- Two complete R507 Freon simplex refrigeration system with special evaporators to ensure humidity is kept high in refrigerated warehouse.

- Compressor unloading to raise humidity and reduce power consumption once potatoes temperature have been brought down.   

- Humidity controlled at a low level initially during pull down to effect periderm formation, thereafter humidity raised for long term storage. 

- Insulated panel structure from 100mm polystyrene and chromodek clad panels.

- Remote control board at room entrance.

- Automated extract fan system to remove deleterious gasses produced by fresh produce. 

- Phase voltage monitoring to prevent motor loss during faulty power supply. 


These refrigerated warehouse rooms will function as a cooperative for local potato farmers to combine their harvest and sell collectively to the market. 

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